Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - ISA


ISA develops and implements tools and environmental management systems that contributes to continuous improvement in the asset's life cycle, promotes sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, controls the impacts and ensure compliance with objectives and performance targets.

Our main individual source of emission corresponds to leaks SF6 gas, which is required in some high-voltage equipment. There are “other emissions” that are individually insignificant (fuels consumption, replacement of refrigerant gases, flights) but together their impact is higher.
The following chart shows the (tonCO2e) average main GHG emission sources from ISA, ISA INTERCOLOMBIA, ISA REP and ISA CTEEP.
Although, energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation have lower impact in terms on COemissions, we stablish reduction targets and develop practices to dismiss our impact on natural resources. 
Water consumption
Energy consumption
Generation of waste