Responsabilidad Social Empresarial - ISA

Anti-Corruption Management

For ISA and its companies, the way in which their business dealings are carried out is a deciding factor in who they are, and for that reason they put ethical, legal and regulatory interests before their business interests.

The Company's ethical behavior and zero-tolerance to improper acts such as corruption make the Anti-Corruption Strategy of the utmost importance for ISA.

The Corporate Framework encompasses the strategic definitions of ISA and its Companies, including the statements of who we are - the Mission of what we want to accomplish - the MEGA; what we believe - the Corporate Values, as part of which we execute this reason for being, and the corporate aspiration. These values include Ethics as the value of values, and supports it with social responsibility, excellence and innovation, which underscore the way in which ISA and its Companies engage in achieving their corporate objectives.

In turn, the Corporate Action Frame, comprised of instruments like the Codes of Corporate Governance, Ethics and Anti-Fraud, and Policies that include Control and Comprehensive Risk Management, as well as the importance of our balanced relations with our stakeholders, framed in Corporate and Social Responsibility, are coordinated with the Corporate Frame of Reference to structure a corporate philosophy of work around Ethics.​


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