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Real-Time Systems Manager

Real-Time Systems Management consists of planning, design, optimization, commissioning, operation and management activities for transactional systems or technological platforms involving value added information exchange and goods-and-services-related markets.
XM’s experience and knowledge in operation of the power system and administration of the wholesale energy market permit it to offer, through its companies, smart solutions based on the acquired technology and knowledge, to different economic sectors.
Based on its competencies, the company offers supervision, coordination and value added information by means of real-time smart systems associated with transactional infrastructure and platforms for goods and services markets.
XM acts in the framework of a worldwide mega trend known as “smart cities”, cities where “smart networks” act as real time systems allowing control and operation of large impact complex processes like electric energy dispatch and urban traffic coordination.
In 2014, XM assumed the challenge of rethinking itself through a strategic updating process that confirmed “real-time smart systems” as dominant subject. Applicability of the dominant subject to other economic fields was later analyzed resulting in selection of strategic sectors with high degree of complexity, where challenging problems become opportunities rather than entrance barriers and turn into prospects akin to what XM is passionate to make – transforming the environment with solutions that create well-being.
Lastly, in order to turn detected opportunities into real businesses, thecompany prepared a tactical plan for development, strengthening and alignment of organizational capabilities, competencies, commercial plans, management of alliances and relations, among others.





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