ISA y Sus Negocios

ISA in Latin America

ISA, directly and through its 33 affiliates and subsidiaries, is currently implementing important infraestructure projects that boost the continent's progress and contribute to the development of the inhabitants of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, and Central America.

For such purpose, its activities are focused on the businesses of Electric Energy Transport, Road Concessions, Information and Communications Tecnology , and Real-Time Systems Management.

For about 50 years, efficient and reliable delivery of its services has characterized ISA in a framework of respect for human rights and protection of the environment, in order to favor competitiveness and regional sustainability, improvement of life quality, and development of the societies where it conducts its activities, all thanks to a human team of 3,869 highly qualified and committed associates.

ISA administers its business units with a corporate sustainability focus, in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner. Thus, it administers the opportunities, risks and impacts inherent to economic, environmental and social development so as to create value for its stakeholders and contribute to the advancement of the societies where it is present.