ISA y Sus Negocios


Owning 70.74% of the National Transmission System (STN), ISA continues to lead the Colombian energy sector, and is positioned as the largest supplier of electric energy transmission services in the country and the only one serving all of Colombia.

Through its partner companies INTERCOLOMBIA and TRANSELCA, ISA does business such as: electric energy transmission for market agents; connects electric energy generators, grid operators, those transmitting electric energy to regions and large consumers to the STN; construction projects for third parties; support services such as maintenance, electricity and energy studies, etc.

Commissioned projects

During 2014, with investments of approximately USD 130 million, ISA, through its subsidiaries in Colombia, entered into commercial operation projects allowing the company to consolidate 79.62% ownership of the National Transmission System (STN), keeping its leadership in the Colombian electric sector as the largest energy transporter in the country and the only one with nationwide coverage.

  • UPME Bid 04 of 2009: Includes construction of Sogamoso substation at 500/230 kV (1,050 MVA), the Sogamoso-Guatiguará 230 kV transmission line and the reconfiguration of the 500 kV Primavera-Ocaña and 230 kV Barranca-Bucaramanga (163 km) transmission lines. The project, which entered into operation in August, permits Sogamoso power plant (820MW) to be connected to the STN, increasing system reliability in the Northeastern region of the country and removing restrictions by lowering operational costs when more costly generation dispatch is displaced.
  • Sogamoso connection: Connects Sogamoso hydroelectric power plant with Sogamoso 500/230 kV substation.
  • Cerromatoso substation expansion: Connection and associated bays for a third transformer 500/110/34.5 kV (150 MVA) in order to increase reliability in the North of Antioquia Province and in the South of Cordoba Province.
  • Jamondino substation expansion: Installation of a transformer bank 230/115/13.8 kV (150 MVA) and the San Bernardino 1 and 2 alternate transmission lines in order to increase load capacity and reliability of the country’s Southern region system.



    Principal Headquarters

     Calle 12 Sur No. 18 – 168, 
     Block 1 - Flat 3
     Medellín – Colombia
     Código Postal: 50022
     A.A. 8915
     Phone: +57 (4) 325 2270





General Information

With share or 9.87% in STN, TRANSELCA is the second largest company, among 11 transmission companies in the country. In 2013, TRANSELCA commissioned the following projects:

  • Expansion of Nueva Barranquilla substation: Back-up bay for a 45 MVA power transformer at 110/13.8 kV.
  • Chinú 110 kV substation expansion: Construction of the Boston 2 line bay in double bus bar configuration plus by-pass section switch.
  • Termocartagena 66 kV substation expansion: Installation of an encapsulated SF-6 gas-insulated transforming module in double busbar


               Guido Alberto Nule Amín
             General Manager

         Board of Directors


        César Augusto Ramírez Rojas
       Judith Cure Cure
    Rafael del Castillo Trucco
       Luis Fernando Vergara Munarris
    Juan Manuel Sánchez Vergara



Principal Headquarters

Carrera 24 No. 1A-24
Puerto Colombia (Between the Circunvalar and the Parrish school)
BC Business Building, 18th floor
Barranquilla, Colombia
Phone: +57 (5) 371 72 00
Fax: +57 (5) 371 72 82​​​ ​