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New Projects

ISA was awarded an international public bid to design, finance, build, operate and maintain three projects in the central region of the country that will generate revenues of approximately USD 2.6 million with perpetual rights of use.
INTERCHILE will be in charge of project construction. These projects include building of 2,250 MVA of auto transforming banks at Cardones, Maitencillo and Pan de Azúcar substations at 500 kV, permitting transformation of electric current from 500 kV to 220 kV in the trunk line under construction by theChilean company.
Additionally, the Ministry of Energy awarded ISA rights of exploitation and building of the second circuit of Encuentro-Lagunas 220 kV transmission line, being part of the Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande (SING).

Projects under construction

As far as advance of Cardones-Maitencillo-Pan de Azúcar-Polpaico at 500 kV transmission line is concerned, contracts for building, erection and commissioning of the lines were signed; the Study for Environmental Impact was admitted by the Environmental Evaluation Service, and, as far as land management is concerned, the requests of final concession for the lines were declared acceptable by the Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustible. These projects were declared by the Chilean government as a necessity and a priority for the country’s development and their main objective is to strengthen Chilean main trunk transmission system. 

Although projects between Cardones and Polpaico municipalities have been questioned by some communities, mayors and regional authorities, INTERCHILE is deeply convinced that it is acting according to the Law and that the project will be entering into service within the limits set by the Chilean electric authorities. The company will continue to work, along with other sector actors, in order to reach a transmission line outline with the minimum possible impact on people and communities.
As far as Encuentro-Lagunas 220 kV transmission line (first circuit) and associated substations is concerned, contracts were signed for the transmission line construction, erection and commissioning and for substations expansion; additionally, the Environmental Impact Study was
approved by the Environmental Evaluation Service.





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