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Colombia – Panamá –ICP–

The electric interconnection between Colombia and Panama is an initiative of the interest of multilateral banking and regional governments, and aims to consolidate the regional energy market in the frame of the Mesoamérica Project. This project will lead to the integration of the Andean market to the Central American market with the resulting benefits for market agents in both countries as well as in the region. 

For this reason, ICP is working to make viable construction of the transmission line between the two countries. With this objective, the company developed a work plan with activities at strategic and tactical levels that, besides trying to achieve both countries’ commitment and intention, must guarantee that already identified economic benefits are reached through optimized investments and a competitive energy price, permitting to consolidate a short and long term regional energy market.

The current priority of the project is to develop technical and environmental studies in order to minimize risks and uncertainties (to project participants) and assess funding scenarios permitting to assure the project’s viability under the proposed conditions.

A project’s main milestone is the approval by the Environmental Licenses National Agency (ANLA) of the environmental corridor through which the Environmental Impact Study in Colombia must be developed. An equivalent approval must be given by the Environment National Authority (ANAM) in Panama.

Currently, this authority is assessing information and supportstudies carried out during the previous years. Once the approval of the environmental corridor is given in Panama, execution of the Environmental Impact Study and the line’s detailed design in both countries will start.




General Manager                                                                    

Andrés Villegas Ramelli

Board of Directors

Iván Barría M.                            
Julián Cadavid V.                       
Victor Carlos Urrutia G.           
César Ramírez                           

Principal Headquarter

Avenida Aquilino de la Guardia y Calle 47
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Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá
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Empresa Propietaria de la Red –EPR–

Company operating the Central American Electrical Interconnection System (SIEPAC), including the electrical infrastructure running from Guatemala to Panama, supplemented with an already existing connection to Mexico and a future transmission line to Colombia, integrating the safest, and with largest capacity, network in Central America.

During 2014, the transmission line final segment under construction in Costa Rica, Parrita-Palmar Norte, entered into service, thus culminating the project and consolidating a 1,800 km transmission line and works at 15 substations, whose construction cost is approximately USD 500 million. This project consolidates the Regional Electric Market (MER) contributing to decreased energy cost in the region.

From the statement of the ministerial meeting for support of Mesoamerican integration (Panama, December 2014), it is worth mentioning the commitment of involved countries to promote energy integration by means of implementation of necessary actions to consolidate MER, strengthening and expansion of SIEPAC, implementation of regulation making viable the
development of regional electric power plants, and operational coordination of MER with Mexico and Panama markets.




Best Practices


ISA's goal is to guarantee that all its companies provide services under high levels of reliability, availability and safety according to applicable regulation in each country. It is for this reason that energy transport companies support their network operation and maintenance management on stric and excellent processes, safe to people, and both environmentally balanced and socially responsible.


In order to evaluate these levels, the company has, among others, the following transmission network quiality indicators:

  • Network availability: Measures the percentage of time the year when grid assets (substation bays, transformers, lines, etc) ere in service or avilable.
  • Unserved load –ENS–: Measures energy not supplied to each country's electric system due to facts where the transporter is  responsible.