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ISA Bolivia is undertaking the construction of a project to expand the Sucre 230/115 kV substation, part of the National Interconnection System Expansion Plan.
This project, with an investment of USD 8 million, includes the installation of a 230 kV/115 kV autotransformer bank with 150 MVA capacity and the Sucre-Padilla at 115 kV transmission line connection, in order to avoid electricity shortages in Sucre rural area. The project also includes the Sucre-Karachipampa-Potosí 115 kV transmission line which will help to increase service reliability in the country’s southern region.

ISA's Shareholding   


Nelson Javier Mesa Palacio                                                     

General Manager


Guido Nule Amín

Camilo Zea Gómez

Gabriel Melguizo Posada

Javier Germán Salinas Ferrufino



Principal Headquarters

Subestación Urubó – Puerto Ichilo, Urubó

Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia

Phone: +591 (3) 370 1323/24/25

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