ISA y Sus Negocios

Best Practices

ISA’s goal is to guarantee that all its companies provide services under high levels of reliability, availability and safety according to applicable regulation in each country. This is the reason for energy transport companies to support their network operation and maintenance management on strict and excellent processes, safe for the people, in balance with the environment, and socially responsible.

In order to evaluate these levels, the company has, among others, the following transmission network quality indicators:

  • Network Availability:Measures the percentage of time during the year when grid assets (substation bays, transformers, lines, etc.) were in service or available.
  • Unserved Load (ENS):Measures energy not supplied to each country’s electric system due to facts where the transporter is responsible.

These indicators met the established goals, set in accordance with the regulatory requirements of each country and comply with the standard of excellence worldwide.

In 2015, we continued with the development of strategic projects in energy transport companies:

  • Optimization of the operation and maintenance model: It seeks to increase the efficiency of processes ensuring reliability in service delivery.The structure of working groups in the areas of operation and maintenance in CTEEP was revised, and training and staff certification activities (which will continue in 2016) were executed.
  • Operational safety for control centers: The optimized model for training, qualification and certification; the Operator Training Simulator (OTS) and Energy Management System (EMS) tools; and the virtual training platform (requirements for physical and virtual spaces) were defined.
  • Implementation of gap-closing project in assets management, according to PAS 55 and ISO 55001 standards: the Corporate Policy of Asset Management, the maintenance strategy strengthened with costrisk performance management practices of the whole assets life cycle and the prioritized competences that should be developed. Progress was also made in the definition of strengthening processes of project implementation,procurement, bids, design and engineering, among others.
  • Caribbean reliability: ISA and TRANSELCA initiated this project with the aim of improving the reliability and security of service provision in the ISA grid in the north of the country.
  • Referencing: In order to improve business profitability, the companies maintain their participation in international referencing processes to be compared with world leaders, identify gaps in cost and quality, and adopt the best industry practices. In particular this year, INTERCOLOMBIA, REP and CTEEP participated in ITOMS (The International Transmission Operations & Maintenance Study) whose final results will be submitted in the first semester of 2016.