Proveedores - ISA

The Supplier's ABCs

The Supplier's ABCs is a section where you will find all informaiton available on procurement and other mechanisms used by the Company to contract and evaluate its suppliers.

Contractual arrangements

With the aim of fulfilling our commitment and building relationships of trust and fairness with our Suppliers, the Company has established a series of processes... 

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Contract regulations

The Company's procurement regulations allow any person or corporation to become a supplier of goods and services...

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Quality Assurance

Trusting in its suppliers' quality and high standards, ISA has established criteria to ensure quality in the purchase of goods and services for all processes...

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Guarantees for the benefit of ISA

ISA's policies require guarantees and performance insurance for contracts in order to transfer the risks that are directly controlled by the contractor...

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Occupational Health and Environmental Management

ISA wants to ensure the safety of its contractors; for that reason, when a contractor enters its facilities, the company makes sure it knows  the Policies stipulated with regard to...

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Performance Evaluation

Continuous feedback helps the current supplier to identify opportunities for improvement, increase the level of satisfaction, and ensure continuity in...

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Anti-Money Laundering

ISA has established a strict position against money laundering or any other fraudulent action. For this reason, the Company verifies that all the companies...

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