Proveedores - ISA



Our suppliers are partners who provide goods and services to keep the Company running.

They are categorized in three groups:

  • Suppliers who provide goods and services for the Energy Transmission Service (STE).
  • Suppliers that provide goods and services for Road Infrastructure.
  • Suppliers that provide corporate goods and services.

Supplier Registry

Click here for the Supplier Information System and its objectives.


ARIBA Supplier Manual

Access all information about the use of the support platform for the strategic procurement of ISA.


Recruitment risk management

Through the new Recruitment Risk Management program, ISA and its affiliates in the country aim at mitigating the risks of our recruitment processes.

Use this link (spanish) to find out more information about the general aspects and the benefits of the program, as well as a manual intended for suppliers.


Image manual for suppliers

In 2020, we adopted a new visual identity, which is more agile, modern, and friendly. A manifesto elaborated in our higher purpose: to build CONNECTIONS THAT INSPIRE. 

In this manual you can find the correct use of our new image so that it is adopted where you deem it necessary.

You can download our logo with all its variations, here

2020 Purchase Plan

  • Then the planned number of processes detailed
    purchase sub-categories, which will be advanced proce​sses
    supply in 2020 and the quarter in which it will start
    its management:
  • Download here the 2020 purchase plan.


​Suppliers Tools

  • Personalized Information
  • Supplier Registry
  • Current Procurement Processes
  • Contact Us

​Tips for Suppliers

  • If you are one of our suppliers, please remember to register in our Information System.
  • If you need help generating your tax certificate, please check the Manual.
  • Before contracting with the Company, verify the current procurement processes to find out what goods or services we require. 
  • Read the Supplier's ABCs carefully.