Proveedores - ISA



Our suppliers are partners who provide goods and services to keep the Company running.

They are categorized in three groups:

  • Suppliers who provide goods and services for the Energy Transmission Service (STE).
  • Suppliers that provide goods and services for Road Infrastructure.
  • Suppliers that provide corporate goods and services.

Supplier Registry

Click here for the Supplier Information System and its objectives.

2018 Purchase Plan

  • Then the planned number of processes detailed
    purchase sub-categories, which will be advanced processes
    supply in 2018 and the quarter in which it will start
    its management:
  • Download here the 2018 purchase plan in Spanish.


​Suppliers Tools

  • Personalized Information
  • Supplier Registry
  • Current Procurement Processes
  • Contact Us

​Tips for Suppliers

  • If you are one of our suppliers, please remember to register in our Information System.
  • If you need help generating your tax certificate, please check the Manual.
  • Before contracting with the Company, verify the current procurement processes to find out what goods or services we require. 
  • Read the Supplier's ABCs carefully.