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Suppliers FAQs

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Suppliers FAQs

What is the basis to generate the tax certificates?

  • Income Tax Withholding: Annual
  • Withholding tax Sales: Bimonthly
  • Retention Industry and Trade: According to the schedule for the filing of the tax return for each industry and trade district, for example:
  • District of Bogotá: Bimonthly
  • Municipality of Medellín: Annual
  • Municipality of Santiago de Cali: Annual
  • Municipality of Ottawa: Monthly
  • Municipality of San Carlos: Annual
  • Sabaneta Municipality: Annual
  • Sabanalarga Municipality: Annual
  • Municipality of Soledad: Monthly

In case of any concern at the information generated, who I can contact?

If the password lock, who I can contact?

What is the publication date of the certificates?

  • Income Tax Withholding: By 15 March the following year
  • Retention Sales Tax: Within 15 days after the two months in which I handy calendar retention
  • Retention Industry and Trade: Within 10 calendar days in which retention is practical

What is the procedure to follow when excessive or improper deductions are effected?

For withholding tax by way of income, sales tax and industry and commerce, it must comply with the provisions of Article 6 of the Regulatory Decree 1189 of 1998, as follows:

At what point can I check what tax year certificates of withholding for income in this portal?

As of the fiscal year 2011

What two months after that I can consult tax lien certificates and ICA in this website?

From 2012 two months 1

What retention rate of industry and commerce will be applied to my payments?

All rates are applied according to the provisions of the Tax Code of the municipality in which the service is provided or the respective purchase is made, taking into account the activity code of the provider.

What Municipality retention applies industry and commerce?

  • For servicesin the municipality where the service was provided.
  • For supply property in the municipality where the provider is located.

What procurement regime applies to ISA?

In accordance with Article 32 of Law 142 of 1994, the paragraph of Article 8, in accordance with Article 76 of Law 143 of 1994, the legal regime applicable to acts and contracts of the Company is that of private law. For recruitment observe the rules laid down in the Regulations for the procurement of goods and services in accordance with the Corporate Policy and issues not covered in the provisions of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code or the rules that are applicable will be followed.

What is Date of Opening a process?

Corresponds to the date on which the document was handed Offer Solicitation or sale starts.

What is a Closing Date buying process?

When the submission period ends deals for their analysis and evaluation.

What is the procedure to register as a provider ISA?

See Section Supplier Registration – Requirements for Registration

What are the basic goods and services for the Energy Transport Service?

See Section Supplier Registration – Requirements for Registration

What are the criteria for selecting the contractor?

To define the procedure for selecting contractors ISA, it is based on the estimated budget including VAT, and is performed as follows:

Private Request

When the estimated value of the contract exceeds one hundred (100) smlm not exceeding two thousand five hundred (2,500) smlm including VAT, is required to invite at least three (3) bidders. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the invitations made ​​no show but a bidder whose bid meets the requirements of ISA ESP it may contract with it.

You can also do private RFP, without regard to the amount in the case of: Contract aimed Connections to the National Transmission System, Contracts to acquire new technologies (Know How), Contracts for the renovation, expansion or Software modification or acquisition of licenses, contracts Telecommunications and Contract Advertising.

Public Request

When the estimated value of the contract exceeds 2500 (2500) smlm including VAT, a public invitation to tender is made by publication of at least one (1) notice in a newspaper of general circulation.

Single Request

When the contractor can be selected by applying for one (1) single quote, which applies to the following cases:

  • If after making a public or private request, not present any offer or any of the received meets the requirements of the RFP documents.
  • In the case of related, complementary, dependent and inherent to contracts under a separate agreement.
  • The Interagency Agreements or Contracts.
  • If according to the information that can be obtained, there is only one person who can provide the Goods or Services
  • If Contract Intuito Personae, ie, to be held in consideration of the personal qualities of the Contractor.

Other Applications of Bids:

According to the circumstances or particular needs, the Company may take other forms of RFP or do this in stages, where initially presenting technical proposal is requested, then a selection was appropriate to request economic offer.

What are the procedures for recruiting?

As the amount will be a direct order or a contract of greater or lesser degree, according to the following conditions shall subscribe:

  • Order Direct: For less than one hundred (100) amounts smlm be done through verbal or telephone consultation consigning related data provider object value and date in a form signed by the person responsible. Payment will be made against invoice prior record of who ordered the purchase of the product, goods or service, which indicated that this corresponds to the order and the related invoice.
  • Retail Contract amount: Less than and equal to 2500 (2500) smlm including VAT. Such contracts are previously ordered in writing by the competent employee.
  • Major Contract amount: Above 2500 (2500) smlm including VAT. These contracts also held writing be signed by both parties.

What are the main fax numbers in Medellin headquarters ISA?

  • Fax: (4) 3170848
  • Management Infrastructure Project: (4) 3172095
  • Business Management Address: (4) 3171560
  • General Management: (4) 3170846
  • Financial Management: (4) 3170858
  • Operation Management and Administration-OAM-Market: (4) 3170989
  • Management of the National Dispatch Center: (4) 3170833

What is the availability of ISA, for receiving physical documents at its headquarters in Medellin?

Monday to Friday 7:30 A.M. 6:00 P.M., Management Documentary - reception of documents.
Outside these hours, as well as Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, documentation is received at any time, but the main goal.
This availability applies to all year.

How I can send to ISA via email, my offers of goods and services?

You can send the portfolio of services and text containing the offer to the address
You can also use the mini-site contact the provider website ISA. Upon receiving the message, the message will be sent to areas of the business that may be interested in offering

How to get additional information about the payments I can see through the "Custom Information" section?

If you require additional information related payments can only communicate with the telephone line in Medellín (4) 317 20 42 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm or write a message to the mail box