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Suppliers Communication

Prompt payment discount: ISA, INTERNEXA, INTERCOLOMBIA, XM companies have at their disposal the prompt payment discount figure, subject to cash availability, at a rate of DTF + 5.33% proportional to the days remaining to maturity. To use this figure, you must send the prompt payment discount from a corporate email indicating Nit, company name, contract number and invoice number (s) that you wish to discount to the corresponding email:



Our Company is committed to providing information that is useful, up-to-date and relevant to
our suppliers. For this reason, the Company is working hard to strengthen its means of communication and to maintain excellent relationships with them.


ISA uses the following means to contact its stakeholders:

  • ISA Suppliers Convention:  with this annual event, the Company aims to strengthen and continue to build relationships of trust with its suppliers. A space where two-way communication allows feedback.
  • FAQ: in order to address questions and concerns that come up during the procurement stages, the Company has answered the questions most frequently asked by suppliers.
  • Contact us: a tool that facilitates direct contact between ISA and its suppliers.