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Supplier Registry


Consult here for the Supplier Information System and its objectives.


The Supplier Information System is managed by PAR SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.A.,in partnership with Unilink a temporary union that provides Supplier Management in RUP® (Registration Unified Provider) platform to facilitate negotiation process of buying and selling goods and services with the highest standards of quality, making continuous improvement and meeting customer requirements, such as legal and regulatory requirements.


ISA's Supplier Information System has the following objectives:

  • To maintain suppliers data that is centralized, complete, timely, verified, and up-to-date, resulting in security and efficiency in procurement.
  • To verify and monitor the existence of any legal, reputational, or financial situations that may pose a risk to the contractual relationship with our suppliers.
  • To guide the supplier pre-selection process on the basis of evaluating their experience, the ratings of their procurement capacity from different perspectives, and their classification within the group of suppliers.

To this end, ISA's Supplier Information System includes the following processes:

  • Supplier Registration Process: This process obtains up-to-date, centralized and validated data on domestic and foreign suppliers.
  • AML/CFT Risk Verification: This process implements the controls to comply with the regulations on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism established to reveal situations that must be taken into consideration to reduce risks when executing agreements and contracts.
  • Supplier Classification: This process attempts to classify suppliers according to technical, financial, and administrative criteria, based on the up-to-date information, validated in the Registration Process.

The registration process in ISA's Supplier Information System consists of completing a form that is available on PAR SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.A.´s website, Additionally you must get through the system user name and password. If it comes to a provider that is already registered is allowed the option to recover your password. Once filled out information and for suppliers who can not make the process virtually, physically submit the form to PAR SERVICES, attaching supporting documentation that there is requested. For others, the platform will find the space available to enter these forms.


The supplier must provide three types of information:

  • Basic data: Corresponds to the supplier's business information, contact data, and economic activity.
  • Activities: Refers to a self-classification of its economic activities that the supplier engages in, according to its corporate purpose and in line with list of goods and services provided by ISA.
  • Capacity: Financial information based on the supplier's financial statements, as well as experience, which is the list of contracts to certify the supplier's experience on the various activities listed in its self-classification.

Our suppliers may contact PAR SERVICES for any counseling the enrollment process via email to, 018000189987 toll-free, or close to the headquarters located at 125th Street # 21st - 70 Office 502 Bogotá, Colombia .

Also on the website of PAR SERVICES INTEGRALES S.A.´s all necessary for vendor registration documentation it is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.