Proveedores - ISA


Find information about current contractual processes in progress for the Company. As supplier, you may use this tool to obtain valuable information about Company services and contracts.

Procurement Processes

Using the Current Procurement Processe application, the supplier is able to find information about procurement processes currently in progress by ISA.

Procurement Plan

The main objective of Procurement Plan of INTERCONEXIÓN ELÉCTRICA S.A. E.S.P., is:

  • Search the participation of as many bidders for different goods and services required.
  • Providers previously entered in the Vendor Information System for the goods and services they offer.
  • Ensuring the highest  standards of competition.
  • Integrate needs of different areas of the organization seeking to obtain better trading conditions.

In the attachment the planned number of procurement processes by sub-categories, which will be brought forward procurement processes in 2020 and the quarter in which its management will begin detailed.