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Through ISA Perú, Red de energía del Perú REP  and Consorcio Transmantaro, ISA supervises, operates and controls the Electric Energy Transmission business.

Electric Energy Transmission


ISA's subsidiary Red de Energía del Perú (REP) is the leading electric power transmission company in the country. It was established in 2002 to exploit, operate and maintain the electric power infrastructure of the transmission systems granted under concession by the Peruvian government. With investments totaling USD 240 million, in 2012 ISA's Peruvian companies entered into operation projects that added 720 km of circuits and 2,200 MVA of transformation capacity to the National Electric Grid, representing annual revenue of approximately USD 30 million. As a result, ISA continues to be the largest high-voltage energy supplier in this country, with 8,870 km of circuits and 7,120 MVA of transformation capacity.


Learn more on the Red de Energía del Perú REP website.





Telecommunications Transmission

INTERNEXA INTERNEXA has a 5,414 km fiber optics land network covering parts of
Sierra, jungle and coastal areas of Peru, connecting Lima with Ecuador,
Chile and Bolivia.

The company also has a connection to the South American Crossing (SAC) undersea cable.

Growth in revenues in this country amounted to 62%, mainly due to the large sales task performed and to its position as strategic partner in the energy Shareholding (%) Shareholding (%) sector, interconnecting five new projects of renewable energy. Additionally, the company signed an agreement to provide high quality and availability services in the southern region of the country.
Important long-term businesses have been settled for large capacity transport and services for new operators in the wholesale telecommunications market.