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ISA has consolidated its presence in Colombia through the following lines of business: Electric Energy Transmission with INTERCOLOMBIA and TRANSELCA; Telecommunications Transmission through INTERNEXA; and Intelligent Management of Real-Time Systems through XM.

Electric Energy Transmission

The Company provides a complete service portfolio through business operations integrated by INTERCOLOMBIA and TRANSELCA: Electric Energy Transmission to market agents; connects generators, grid operators, regional transmission operators and large consumers to the STN; project construction for third parties; ancillary services related to maintenance and electricity; and energy studies.




Telecommunications Transmission

The company operates a 6,887 km network spread over seven fiber optics networks, covering the main cities in the country. At the same time, the network is integrated with microwave links, providing better redundancy and coverage in intermediate cities.

The company provides connection to Maya, Emergia, Panamericano, Arcos 1, Globenet and CFX undersea cables, having also a “carrier class” Internet access platform with direct connection to the most important suppliers in the USA.

This network consolidates Colombia as INTERNEXA most important market, taking into account the number of customers and revenues, and the second most important considering network length.

During 2014, the company had a 30% increase in sales and continued implementing new technologies and expanding its network capacity in order to provide services to large operators. The company also took part in government projects, adding up value to them with its connectivity.



Intelligent Management of Real-Time Systems


XM plans and coordinates operation of the National Electric Grid (SIN) resources, manages the Commercial Exchange System (SIC) in the Wholesale Energy Market (MEM), manages the International Electricity Spot Market Transactions (TIE) with Ecuador, and conducts the settling and clearing of charges for use of the SIN grids.

The company operates in three areas: Energy, Finance, and Transport and Traffic sectors.

Learn more about XM's of their company portal.



Road Concessions


During 2014, INTERVIAL COLOMBIA, a subsidiary of ISA responsible for developing the Road Concession business unit in Colombia, took part in association with Cintra Colombia Infraestructuras, in the first round of theFourth Generation of Road Concessions program promoted by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).
Within the framework of this program, technical and financial studies for the Honda-Girardot-Puerto Salgar project were prepared; however, it was finally decided not to submit the proposal.
Preliminary analysis for the other five projects of the second round where the company is
 pre-qualified was also carried out. The corresponding bidding processes will take place in 2015, and once the new schedule is defined and the bidding conditions are posted, the corresponding analysis will be made in order to define the convenience of ISA taking part in the process

Projects for which ISA has been pre-qualified:

  • Group 13: Neiva-Girardot project that will directly benefit Huila, Tolima and Cundinamarca provinces. A key project to interconnect the northern region to the southern region through the Magdalena River Valley. Estimated cost COP 2,410,000 million (Capex and Opex).
  • Group 16: Palmar de Varela-Puerta de Hierro and Carreto-Cruz del Viso project, providing benefits to the people of Sucre, Bolívar and Atlántico provinces. Estimated cost COP 1,240,000 million (Capex and Opex).
  • Group 17: Santana-Mocoa-Neiva, benefiting connection with Ecuador. Estimated cost COP 2,970,000 million (Capex and Opex).
  • Group 18: Popayán-Santander de Quilichao. Estimated cost COP 1,710,000 million (Capex and Opex).
  • Group 19: Bogotá-Villavicencio-El Tablón. Estimated cost COP 2,310,000 million (Capex and Opex).