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With the Electric EnergyTransmission, Road Concessions business and Telecommunications Transmission, Chile became the first country in Latin America with three ISA operations. Moreover, it has the ISA Inversiones Chile investment firm.

Electric Energy Transmission

In 2013, ISA was awarded an international public bid to design, finance, build, operate, and maintain the Encuentro - Lagunas project for the Norte Grande Electric Grid (SING). This is a 220 kV transmission line (174 km in double circuit). The operating rights are perpetual. The project that will strengthen the Chilean electric grid and improve quality and reliability in providing the service in the northern part of the country. It represents an opportunity for the Company for future private interconnections because it is located in a region highly dedicated to mining activities.

In January 2013 the INTERCHILE subsidiary was established to transmit electric energy in Chile. The company was established in October 2012 after the Chilean government granted ISA the rights to build and use a 500 kV electric energy transmission network (755 km in double circuit), and to carry out related works in the metropolitan regions and Atacama. It will also be in charge of executing the Encuentro - Lagunas project.

In coming years, ISA's subsidiary will work to strengthen the Central Chilean electric grid, which must be expanded to respond with high quality, reliable services to meet the demand for electricity from high levels of mining and the connection needs of the large generation plants.




Telecommunications Transmission

INTERNEXA consolidated a 2,166 km fiber optics land telecommunications network (between Valparaiso and BíoBío regions) conforming a redundant and safe fully ringed network, allowing the company to offer real carrierclass service in a highly geologically complex territory.
During 2014, Internet access and content businesses were closed in regions outside Santiago, increasing competitiveness of local operators. Additionally, capillarity of the national network was increased, growing from providing services to 20 nodes between large and intermediate cities, to 60 nodes, including places with low population density.


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Road Concessions

INTERVIALCHILE through its five concessionaires, is the largest operator of interurban roads in the country and is responsible for the control, operation and management of five adjacent concessions, that stretch along Ruta 5 Sur, from Santiago to Rio Bueno city, covering six important regions of the country, all having great impact on economic sectors like agro-industry, fishing, forestry and tourism.

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