Países ISA

Central America  

With the Electric Energy Transmission and Telecommunications Transmission business, ISA made incursions into Central America through Interconexión Eléctrica Colombia- Panama, Empresa Propietaria de la Red (EPR) and Red Centroamericana de Fibras ópticas (REDCA).

Electric Energy Transmission

ICP is a bi-national company that works to make viable, build and operate Electric Grid line between Colombia and Panama.

Taking into account the importance of this project for the region's development and the integration of electricity markets at this time, ICP is working on the strategic revision of the project definition, technical and environmental studies and regulatory issues in order to identify and solve problems that in 2012 jeopardized execution of the electric grid line.

Visit ICP's website.



Telecommunications Transmission


INTERNEXA has 11.11% share of Red Centroamericana de Fibras Ópticas (REDCA), a public company operating and commercially exploiting 1,800 km of a fiber optics network interconnecting the telecommunication systems between Guatemala and Panama.
To this laying of fiber optics that started commercial operation in 2014, additional 350 km belonging to a consortium between REDCA and ETESA, have to be added for a future commercial operation in Panama.