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Occupational Health and Environmental Management

ISA wants to ensure the safety of its contractors; for that reason, when a contractor enters its
facilities, the company makes sure it clearly understands the Occupational Health and Environmental Management Policies in place. To achieve this, ISA created the video provided below to shows the supplier how these two important themes are implemented in depth, and how they must be taken into consideration when the suppliers access the facility or enter into a contract with the Company.

Important Occupational Health and Environmental Management issues are included in the Policies, which seek to guarantee that all suppliers are insured and covered during the provision of service,  and have a contract.

Monitoring Contract Execution

ISA implemented a virtual information registry system called Supplier Occupational Health and Environmental Management Software which allows online monitoring and control of occupational risks and environmental impacts of projects being carried out by contractors during contract execution.

The Company also included an interactive communication system to expedite document revision and approval and to make preventive notifications to contract administrators about compliance with requirements and terms; requests for improvement, corrective and preventive actions; verifications and validations of compliance with improvement plans; and updates due to changes or new legal regulations.

With this tool, ISA supports its suppliers in effectively managing contracts under execution with intensive occupational health and environmental issues.

Access software

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Legal Requirements

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