Relación con inversionistas

Communications Policy

ISA Economic Group

Approved at Board of Directors’ meeting No. 654 of June 27, 2007


The Communication Policy responds to the process for building a corporate identity as an Economic Group and to the need of establishing a reference framework facilitating business management and affairs between the Group’s Companies, as well as interaction and dialogue with the surroundings.

Based on this policy, Grupo ISA adopts a strategic communication approach, thereby engaging with the consistent development of communication processes and the recognition to different interlocutors as part of a relationship system.


Increasing complexity that surrounds business management, in virtue of intensive globalization processes and the subsequent diversity of social, political, economic and cultural interactions require defining a framework for action that allows building corporate identity, facilitating corporate processes and properly managing affairs with the surroundings.

Legal reference framework

The Grupo ISA Companies recognize, respect, adopt and apply constitutional, legal and regulatory provisions as regards to communication, as well as any relevant international treaties and conventions.

Concept reference outline

The communication policy is delimited within the following concepts:

  • Interlocutors: Those groups or people with whom Grupo ISA or its Companies hold communication processes, internal or external, occasional or on a permanent basis.
  • Communication Processes: Such actions aimed at allowing dialogue between interlocutors to develop business management, for both inside processes and outside affairs.
  • Corporate Identity: It is the expression of the Economic Group’s character, founded on a reference framework and a desired image communicated through a collective way of being and acting.


Grupo ISA undertakes communication with a strategic approach focused on strengthening its corporate identity, generating a favorable public opinion, facilitating interaction between its Companies and managing affairs with the surroundings, by the construction and strengthening of a multiple-affair system for its different interlocutors.

Application criteria

  • Consistency: Develop and individual and collective performance in line with the corporate reference framework as adopted by Grupo ISA.

  • Recognition: Identify the differences, interests and expectations of interlocutors participating in communication processes.

  • Innovation: Constantly open to incorporating new practices and media that enable updating and improving processes and affairs between the Group, its Companies, and the different interlocutors.

Framework for action

Grupo ISA and each of its Companies will appoint an area responsible for the development of the Communication Policy, which will be in charge of planning the communication processes in accordance with the Group’s strategic guiding principles.

Grupo ISA and each of its Companies will define the official speakers. The Parent Company is responsible for defining the corporate scope messages, while each affiliate company is responsible for establishing such affiliate company messages that should be in line with the corporate messages.

Each Grupo ISA Company should periodically report on the status of compliance with such commitments undertaken with its interlocutors and create a systematic Feedback in order to check the communication process efficiency.

Workers should strive to contribute on generating an image favorable to the Group’s and each Company’s interest, procure that reputation is preserved and be aware of and responsible for their active or passive role at the time of communicating an identity consistent with the corporate reference framework.