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 ISA is a multi-Latin business group with more than 52 years of experience and track record that operates in the Electric Power, Roads and Telecommunications and ICT businesses, which contributes to the quality of life of millions of people in Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Central America through the work of its nearly 4 thousand employees in 43 affiliates and subsidiaries (58 in total adding companies with shared control and other investments).

The group develops its businesses based on technical excellence, the efficient provision of its services, the creation of sustainable value for its stakeholders and society in general; Leveraged by innovation and digital transformation, and supported by the best practices of corporate governance and ethics.

ISA and its companies are committed to mitigating and adapting to climate change, the rational use of resources, the development of programs that generate a positive impact on the environment, the comprehensive development of the communities where it operates, and quality, reliability and availability. of the services it provides.

After more than five decades of leadership in the region, ISA has transcended the physical act of connecting one point to another to connect people, making each connection an inspiring act.

      In figures:

  • 43 affiliate companies and subsidiaries over which it has control.
  • 58 companies in total in the group (counting companies in which it has shared control and other investments).
  • Operations in 6 countries in South America, and in Central America.
  • 46,374 km of circuit and 92,600 MVA of transmission infrastructure in operation.
  •  63,079 km and 109,164 MVA including investments with joint control.
  • More than 5,600 km and 14,300 MVA of transmission infrastructure under construction.
  • 907 km of motorways in operation.
  • 136 km of highways under construction.
  • Coordination of the operation of the Colombian electrical system (71,925 GWh of energy demand, 17,472 MW of net effective capacity).
  • Operation of the mobility control center in Medellín, Colombia.
  • 54,034 km of optic fiber in operation.
  • 3,880 employees.
  • 25% of managerial positions held by women.
  • 43% of workers are part of agreements and unions.
  • Member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for five consecutive years.
  • Included in ROBECOSAM's Sustainability Yearbook for four consecutive years.
  • Quality seal of the Colombian Stock Exchange for its transparency, corporate governance and commitment to the stock market, for seven consecutive years.


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ISA has a unique competitive position in Latin America due to its understanding and operation in highly regulated markets and the acquired ability to structure projects on an innovative basis and adapt to complex situations on environmental, social and economic issues.
See our Strategic Guidelines for 2030.

Código País Survey

At ISA, we firmly support initiatives that aim to strengthen Corporate Governance Best Practices, such as the Código País Survey. See more


Shareholding Structure  

ISA is a mixed public-private company with state, public and private investors. Our shareholders have a share percentage according to the number of the company's shares they own, which allows them to make decisions and obtain dividends.

See ISA's Shareholding Structure.


Consult and obtain information about current regulatory issues governing the Energy Transmission Business in every country where the Company does business. See more

Direction and management

The General Shareholders' Meeting and Board of Directors are the Company's highest administrative bodies, responsible for regulating ISA's functioning and ensuring the fulfillment of goals and achievements.

See more about the General Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors and All about ISA.


Learn more about ISA's Bylaws, which were last amended and approved on May 6, 2015, through deed 633 of 2015. See more


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